About the Cook

You’ll find most introductory things about me in my short profile there in the sidebar you’ll see once you browse around on here.

I really like to cook and bake, mostly but not exclusively sweet things, and apparently I have become quite good at that. I honestly don’t think the world needs another recipe blog, but I like to change and experiment with the recipes I find – everywhere from baking blogs to my late grandma’s handwritten, mostly illegible cookbook I found in her belongings – and I don’t want to forget these changes I made. 

So, if I have to note them down, why not online. First, because I like to share and maybe make someone else happy with little sweets to brighten the day, and second, because this IS one of my ways to fight off the darkness. If you want to know what other dealings I have with my own personal darkness, you can hop over to my more depressive, introspective blog Lost in Thought.

So, on either site/side, you’re welcome to stay, browse and maybe take some ideas into your own kitchen. 

I love comments, too, so please, feel free to share your experiences and thoughts ! 

Happy cookies, happy memories.